Monday, November 23, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

For labor day weekend we talked my parents into coming to Rexburg. We had a blast! Sterling and Lisa were able to come too. We had a house full. Rochelle brought her camper and stayed in Rexburg, and Robin made the trek as well. Everyone got here Sunday night and we made plans for Monday. What we decided to do was play kickball at Smith Park in Rexburg. It was so much fun! We were able to include everyone, from the 1 year old to the, well, my dad, I won't say how old he is :) The funniest part was Sterling kicked the ball and my dad tried to catch it. It bounced off his chest and hit Sterling, so he was out. Everyone was rolling on the ground laughing!
After kickball he had a picnic and played on the playground. Preston loved the swing!

Babies Room

So... we are having a GIRL! I am very excited about all the bows and flowers!

A Huge Project

This project started when I painted the front door and then I realized how bed the eve of the house looked. (the reddish brown trim) So that's when the wheels started turning. I told Blake that I wanted to paint it and he was, well, lets say less than impressed with my idea. I agreed that if the Dr said that I could get on the scaffolding I wouldn't do it. He didn't say yes or no, but he didn't say no, so I was in business. Five hours later I was done! It really made such a difference! I love the way it turned out.

It was a messy job, for sure!

Preston loved the clean up!

This is the best picture that I have of the finished product. You may not even be able to tell what I did... But I can! Thanks Lisa for helping with Preston!

Sneak Peak

I have been trying to find some fabric to be inspired by for Preston's room. I am so excited to have finally found something. I just have a few things left to do in his room and there will be a full post of pictures.

Bye Bye Binky

At the end of August we bid farewell to the binky... Blake and I took a trip to Logan for the weekend and on the way home Preston fell asleep with the Binky in his mouth. I took it out and from that point on he only had it to fall asleep. It only took a week of this for Preston to get used to it. I was very happy it wasn't that big of an ordeal. My goal was to have Preston weaned from it so he wouldn't be stealing the babies for him to suck on. I'm certain that will still happen, but lets hope not as often :)