Thursday, August 27, 2009


This is how we told our parents the exciting news- the middle of July. I'm obviously catching up on the blog :)

Karli and Denise I really didn't copy you... I had to laugh when I saw that on your blogs. I guess great minds think alike!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Preston's Birthday

Preston's Birthday fell on a Saturday this year and Blake was lucky enough to have the day off. It was such a nice day. The day before it had rained like crazy. We were supposed to have Preston's pictures taken that morning, but our photographer came down with the flu... so we rescheduled. It was fun to be able to hang out and enjoy the day.

While Blake mowed the lawn Preston played with his play lawn mower. He loves that thing. He actually got one for his birthday from his Great Grandparents, so he has two. It is a good thing too, he has already warn one out. That is how much he likes it.

I just thought this picture was funny. He has fallen down and doesn't know quite what to think. And I love this shirt, it shows his little muscles :).

That evening we had a BBQ with family. Even though it was just family we had quite a few people. It was fun to be able to host the event at our own house. Thank you to those that came, we had such a great time.

I had fun making Preston's cake. And to make it even better it tasted good too!

As you can see Preston loved having free reign over his cupcake.

What a silly little boy! We don't know what we would do without him. He is so fun to have! Blake and I have definitely learned a lot from him past year. We love you Preston!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Picture

Four wheeling with the Johnston Family

While we were at my parents house for Evie's blessing Ellis, Rochelle, and I rounded up some four wheelers and we took a trek in the wilderness. We were in search for the honey combs. We weren't able to get to them... by the time they were in walking distance (an 8 mile hike) there was a big rain storm getting too close for comfort. By the time that we made it back to the pickup to load up the four wheelers we were getting drenched.

Our happy little family. Preston loved being on the four wheeler and observing everything else going on.

When we first started out on the 'trek' Robin, my mom, and I (and our two babies- Macie and Preston) started walking. After about a half a mile Macie started to get a little fussy because she was tired and we didn't have her pacifier. So Preston's pacifier came to the rescue! After walking 4 or so miles we were looking as far as the road went and realized that they weren't coming back for us. We were unaware of how far everyone else was going, which ended up being 20 some miles. I ran back to the car and my mom and sister started back with the little ones. I literally just got to the car and Ellis came around the bend and picked me up... good timing I guess. As they loaded up the stroller my camera had fallen out of the stroller. I was so sad! Luckily on our way back we were able to find it, it was just enough on the side of the road so it didn't get run over! Phew!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Miss Evie's Blessing

Little Miss Evie herself. She is such a beautiful little girl. Emily has always called her Miss Evie... I think that it has already caught on.
What a beautiful family. It has been so much fun watching Owen be a dad. You can see that Miss Evie already has him wrapped around her little finger.
Here are the babies of the family... for the year. First was Keegan, born the end of December, Preston, end of June, Elise, beginning of September, Maci, end of October, and Miss Evie the middle of March. Needless to say that the Johnston's have increased there numbers. Evie is my mom's 25th grand child.

Garden Time

We planted our first garden this year. I am very excited to reap the rewards of a garden this year. It was a lot of prep work this year, more that it will be next year I mean. We rented a sod cutter and removed the grass, brought in some railroad ties, and lots and lots of dirt. But somehow not enough. Blake was such a trooper. There was a little miscommunication on what I wanted done and what he thought we were doing. Thanks babe! There is no way that I could have accomplished what you did.

It is still amazing to me that you can plant such a little seed and produce food from it. It makes me grateful that Heavenly Father figured out all the chemistry and all I have to do it plant and give a little TLC.

Fun Times at the Cabin

For Memorial weekend we were able to go up to the Harris cabin. It was fun to spend time with the family and enjoy the outdoors. We went on four wheeler rides, played lots of games, most importantly go to sleep in.

At the cabin there is a 'pet squirrel'. His name is Hector. Preston was very excited to see him... as you can tell.

Preston definitely loves his Grandpa Bryan. Hanging out in their undies.

Finally warming up to Great Grandpa Harris.

Bath time! Preston won't be able to bathe in the kitchen sink much longer. He is getting too big.

Hair, Hair, Hair

I love having long hair... most days. One of the days that I don't like it is when it is time to clean out the vacuum cleaner. I am sure that many of you can relate to this. Just the other day I had to get a part for this machine so I took it into Rexburg to Vacuum Services and the guy pulled out the best tool for removing hair. It is like an exacto knife, but it has a hook instead of a straight razor. It took me 30 min to do what he did in 30 seconds! Thought I would pass the tid bit along.

Another example of something that I love, but dislike at the same time. I love being able to work out of my house... the only down fall is that little feet track my work all over the house.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Some of Preston's Favorite Things

Preston loves to look at books. It is fun to watch him learn and develop.

A great helper when it comes to pulling the laundry out of the hamper. Not so much help when it comes to folding though! Unfolding... GREAT helper :)

This pan is just Preston's size. For the time being it is the only one that he can actually get out of the cupboard.

Preston LOVES Baby Einstein. And I have to say that when I am fixing dinner, I love it too. When he was in his walker he would muscle through the carpet just to get a better view.

Family Heirloom

This double rocker was my parents first piece of furniture. My dad's brother, Milt, got it for them when he was in Maui. It is made out of the same wood that the ark was made of, gopher wood. My mom said that it cost $100. At the time that they got the rocker my mom was expecting my sister Rochelle. And according to my mom, she was HUGE! Or according to my grandpa anyway. When my grandpa delivered the rocker to my parents, Grandpa George said to my mom, "Even you can fit in this Annette!"

A few months back I saw this sitting in my sisters garage and asked if I could 'take it off her hands'. Leaving the dirty work of transporting to Owen. I got permission from my mom to paint it, and she was very excited. So after a litter elbow grease and black satin paint, here is the end result. I have some great memories of this rocker. There used to be a cushion on the seat and the back, so that is on the list of things to do.

Four Generations

This is my Grandma Lola Beus and my mom. I am so grateful that Grandma Beus is around to know Preston. I hope that Preston can be around her more often to learn from her. She is definitely a fighter. Preston is her 90th GREAT grandchild. When he was born she was 90 years old. What an amazing posterity that she has!

Aden's Wedding

The Johnston clan. All 10 kids were able to go to the wedding. It was really amazing to be able to spend time with everyone.
For the time being, this is the only picture that I have on my computer from the actual wedding. Blake has been begging me to update the blog... so get ready, I have been saving up my posts :)