Monday, August 23, 2010

Christmas 2009

We started out celebrating Christmas this year with the annual Harris/ Brower Christmas Eve party. As always there was WAY too much food, and so much fun. There was the talent show, where Preston and Tahila represented the Byran Harris family by dancing to a snow globe that Leticia has that plays music. They wore little elf ears that were on a headband. It was very cute! After eating way too much and lots of laughing we called it a night and headed home to get Preston to bed.
I think that I was more excited than Preston was, because I knew what was in store for the next morning. We got Preston to sleep and Blake and I set up Preston's toys. The anticipation for Preston's reaction was exciting. So we woke Preston up, nice and early. As you can tell he was not that enthused.
This is when he saw the gifts under the tree.
Now he is starting to warm up and get excited.
Preston is very much a John Deere boy. He loves tractors, so he was happy to get his very one to ride.

Blake surprised even me with some of Preston's Christmas gifts. Preston is always stealing Blake's tape measure so it was a very appropriate gift.
One of the treats that Preston gets in nursery is Swedish fish, so he was excited to have them in his stocking.
Just had to throw this picture of Preston in here, a classic 'Preston pose'.
After we finished gifts at our house we went to Grandma and Papa Harris's house and exchanged gifts and then headed back to our house for the Harris breakfast. It was fun to see everyone in pajamas. The rest of the day was pretty relaxing and obviously with lots of food :)


Brindisi said...

This is so fun! I still love your Christmas tree!! :) Miss you guys!!

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