Monday, August 23, 2010

Thanksgiving 2009

This year for Thanksgiving we celebrated with my family. Mary hosted at her house, and we all contributed to the feast. I made the rolls, which if I say so myself, turned out quite nice. There was so much food, like most Thanksgiving dinners, and lots of reminiscing. Rochelle helped me make the curtain for the babies room, and got me started on the bumper. I am excited to be getting close to finished with my sewing projects for that room! The next day Rochelle, Mary, Tricia, and I headed out at 5:00 am to join the crowds for Black Friday shopping. We had a blast and spent lots of money! We may have started a new tradition of eating breakfast at IHOP. Rochelle held up to her reputation of returns, by returning something that she had bought that morning before we even left town. :) Luckily she did, because we realized that Sears had charged her for two docking stations when she had only bought one. Thanks to Morgan for watching the kids!

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