Thursday, February 4, 2010

Preston's Room

Nesting started early for me :) I was very motivated to get things done around the house before this baby got here! I was at a loss of what I wanted to do for Preston's room. I finally got inspired by some fabric and ran with it. I obviously need to fill the frames with pictures, but you get the idea.

I love the BRIGHT colored furniture. The headboard and foot board came from DI for $5!!! I was so excited when I found it! The other furniture came from craigs list, for lets just say cheap!

I love the rain gutter book shelves. Preston can reach the books himself, and best of all he puts them away too!


derek and michelle said...

Way cute rooms! You are awesome, I love your style. Hope you guys are doing well.

Dawn said...

I love your all of your home decor. you are so creative. We just moved to a home and I don't even know where i want to start. I love your picture collages and Blake does such an awesome job taking pictures. What a great way to display all of that talent.